Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hey Look! I still exist!

Wow, so it’s been a while huh? It’s been a crazy couple years or so since I’ve been here last. Shall we do the recap? When I last left off here, I was a little heartbroken and desperately seeking a replacement roommate.

I ended up finding not only a roomie, but a pretty incredible friend. Her name is Stina – she’s pretty awesome. Say Hi Stina.

Stina says “hi.”

Stina and I had many nights that looked like this…

Or this….

You get the idea. It was therapudic and since Stina was also coming off a rough breakup, it was exactly what the two of us needed.

Sometime last summer, my friend Chip decided to throw a dinner party at my apartment. This is Chip. Say Hi Chip.

Chip says hi.

Chip brought along his friend Josh, who happened to be the drummer in his band, The Emerald Lizards (now defunct). This is Josh. Say Hello Josh.

Josh says “hey.”

Josh and I ended up staying up all night drinking beers and talking about our favorite music. There was a little bit of flirting.

Josh ended up joining the usual weekend crew for a Jamie Lidell show shortly after we met and that was where we had our first kiss... a Jamie Lidell show at the Congress Theater in Chicago.

We all had some more crazy times.

Josh and I vacationed together in Mexico.
Josh went on a business trip to the Czech Republic.

This Happened.
And now we are moving to Charleston, SC with his job.

As I write this update, I am sitting on a tiny plane traveling out to the South East coast of these United States. We are going to go look for a house…with a yard…within a short drive to the ocean while still being relatively close to his job. I’m still not sure what I will do for money once we move out there, but I’m hopeful.

And I’m happy.