Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In my life, I have loved them all

Everyone has their "Top Celebrities" that make them all hot, right? Well, these are mine. You might say I have a "type."

Below are my top 10 (+honorable mention)
Honorable mention to Michael Ian Black. Funny is Sexy
#10. Paul Rudd. Funny and ridiculously good looking. He borders a bit on "pretty boy," but I'll forgive him.

#9. Ron Livingston. Fuckin' A.#8. Luke Wilson. Easily the most desirable brother.

#7. Hugh Laurie. My old man crush. Yummers.

#6. Adrien Brody. I have a "thing" for big noses.

#5. Jemaine Clement. He fights Adrian Brody for my top 5 position on a regular basis. It's nice to have men fictionally fight over me.

#4. Demitri Martin. Big nose and funny - are we seeing the pattern?

#3. Jason Schwartzman. How many Jews have made my list? A lot.

#2. Jon Stewart. Love Love Love him.

#1. Johnny Depp. Step away. I will cut a bitch.

Your turn. Gimme a top 5.