Monday, February 2, 2009

Superbowl Monday

I have a WICKED case of the second-day-stupids after a few too many beers on Saturday and Sunday. Either way, it was worth it. The Superbowl proved to be entirely more interesting than I could have imagined as the Cardinals managed to step it up and keep it close. I was also pleasantly surprised that Bruce wasn't as boring as I thought he would be. He even managed to tea-bag all of America during the halftime show.

While I did watch the game, being in advertising makes the commercials a bit more topical in my office on Superbowl Monday. We don't chat about the game - we analyze the commercials. I have to say, HUGE disappointment this year. My favorite ended up being one of the e-trade commercials. I hate that stupid baby and maybe it's just that I have a special little place tucked in my heart for Mr. Mister.- but this was was just too good...

I also liked this one from

The Doritos ad elicited a chuckle, but the crotch shot at the end was a little gratuitous and predictable.

Budweiser was shockingly disappointing. Several ads were focused on bringing back that "America Pride" bit that they have been fostering for so long. I'm a little surprised that they continue down sentimental street after all the backlash surrounding their takeover by foreign InBev. Maybe it's just me, but they just didn't resonate this year.

Even their "funny spots" didn't do much for me.

I mean...what happened to the comedy gold they brought us in the past? Remember this gem from 2006?

Pepsi did alright this year with the SNL MacGruber spoof...

But they fell flat with the Bob Dylan/ spot. I mean, really? is the next Bob Dylan? Just because you set a Barack Obama speech to music and get your Celeb friends to sing along - it DOES NOT make you the voice of a generation. Also - Jack Black is NOT the new Belushi.

I think this one may have been the biggest loser of the night. What were they thinking? What kind of douchebag thinks that being insulting is the key to selling a product?

Anybody else have any faves?